What's included with each real estate post?

Everything you need to install your real estate sign will be included. You will get the real estate post, arm, cap, Patent Pending Power Stake, real estate sign hanging clips, end caps, real estate sign hanging hooks, and an internal key.


Is the real estate stake included?

Yes. The Patent Pending Real Estate Power Stake is included.


Does it include real estate sign rider clips?

Real estate sign rider clips are optional. You may purchase them from our hardware page.


Do your real estate post caps fade?

No. If you have ever seen yellow posts or caps, it is because the manufacturer was using PVC instead of vinyl. Our vinyl has additives which protect it from UV rays.


Do you make signs?

At this time, we only make the real estate posts. On the underside of each arm are a variety of mounting locations that will work with a variety of sign sizes.


Will the real estate sign post fit into the trunk of my car?

Yes, the real estate sign posts will fit in your trunk. See here >


How do I secure the real estate sign from being stolen?

You can insert a screw through the base of the real estate sign post to keep it locked into the real estate stake. If it were to be stolen, they would have to pull the entire stake and sign post out of the ground, which is quite difficult when done together. This limits the chance of someone stealing the sign post. See here for instructions.


How do I put the real estate power stake in the ground?

Using a hammer, the stake should be driven downwards until the bottom plate is flush with the ground. The bottom plate should be facing forward in the desired direction of the real estate post arm. For additional instructions, click here.


What colors do you offer?

White and Khaki.


Do you offer bulk discounts on the real estate sign posts?

  • Buy 4 - 11 and get 5% off
  • Buy 12 - 23 and get 10% off
  • Buy 24 - 100 and get 20% off


Are replacement parts available for the real estate sign posts?

Yes we have manufactured these products for over 13 years and offer all replacement parts you will ever need.


What's the difference between a 36" and 47" arm on the sign posts?

The 36" arm holds up to a 24" sign.  The 47" arm holds up to a 36" sign.


Where should I drill the holes on my real estate sign post?

Because we have a variety of mounting points, you should not have to drill any holes.


How much weight does the sign post arm hold?

The arm holds up to 25 pounds.


How quickly do the real estate sign posts ship?

All items on our site are in stock and typically ship within 1-2 business days.


Do you ship the sign posts to Canada and Hawaii?

For shipping to these areas, please contact us for a quote. Free shipping does not cover any regions outside of the continental US.


Can I mix and match real estate sign post caps?

We try to have a wide variety of options on our website. If there is something you cannot find on our website that you want, please contact us.


Can the decorative base be purchased separately?

Yes. You can find these on our accessories page.


How do I install my real estate sign post? 

Click here to view installation instructions.


Will the vinyl crack in extreme temperatures?

Our vinyl is manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and is guaranteed to not crack over time.


How long will my real estate sign post last?

Our product should last 3-5 years under normal conditions. It is covered by a 1-Year manufacturer's warranty.